Strategic Direction


Our vision

Be the favoured mode of transport for all.

Our mission

Provide integrated railway services that are reliable, attractive and safe with continual commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our shared values

Our values are shared across the entire Qatar Rail family, including subsidiaries, consultants, contractors, and others:


We interact amongst ourselves and with others with honesty, openness, trust and mutual respect. 


We are committed to our vision, mission, and motivated to excel in every aspect of our business.


We individually and collectively accept responsibility for all our decisions, actions and results. 


Our people are the reason for our success. We respect our people and are committed to their development and welfare. 


We work with our customers, and partners, leveraging collective knowledge to achieve common purpose. 


We act in a responsible manner in every aspect of our business.

Our strategic objectives

Program delivery

To timely deliver the rail program of the desired quality in a cost effective and safe manner.

Attractiveness & sustainability

To provide a customer centric integrated railway services that are accessible, efficient, competitive, comfortable, safe, and reliable while maximizing social, economic, and environment benefits. 

Reliability & excellence

To operate and maintain a robust and stable railway services that meets the expectations of our customers, partners and follows international best practice for safety, security and health.

Employer of choice

To position Qatar Rail as the employer of choice in Qatar & globally within the rail industry. 

Business viability

To conduct our activities with focus on creating value for stakeholders and maximizing returns on investment.