Doha Metro


Doha Metro.jpg 

The Doha Metro is our most prominent and visible project. It will serve both the capital and the suburbs with all major locations within easy and convenient reach. Most of the Doha Metro lines will be underground, so tunnelling plays a major role in construction. We are using specialized equipment known as tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to dig the underground sections. This means that there is very little disruption to life on the surface.

The metro system will be built in two phases: the first will see the construction of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 37 stations. These lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020. The second phase will be completed by 2026, and will involve the expansion of the phase one lines, and the construction of an additional one – the Blue Line. Another 72 stations will also be built.

Stations play an important part – both practically and culturally – of any metro system. Architecturally, the stations will reflect the heritage of the country, with a ‘vaulted spaces’ design inspired by traditional Bedouin tents. The largest station, Msheireb, will fall at the heart of the Doha Metro with the Red, Green and Gold lines all meeting at this point.