Subcontract Elements


Here is a list of all subcontract elements that the Main Contractor directly or through his Multidiscipline MEP Subcontractors or through his Multidiscipline Architectural Works Subcontractors may require.

Multidiscipline MEP Subcontractors

1. Mechanical System.

    a) Ventilation and Air Conditioning System.

    b) Control Room AC.

    c) Special Ventilation System.

        (Smoke Exhaust & Staircase Pressurization).

     d) Fire Fighting.

        Wet Stand Pipe.

        Fire Hose Reel &Sprinkler.

        Clean Agent Suppression.

        Fire Extinguisher​.

2. Electrical System.

    a) Low Voltage Distribution.

        Sub Main.

        Switch Board.

        MCC, Distribution Boards.

    b) Transportation System.



        Moving Walks.

    c) Others.

        Indoor Lighting.

        Earthing and Bonding.

        Lightning Protection.

        Fire Detection.

         BMS( BACS). 

3. Plumbing.

    a) Domestic Water Supply.

    b) Sanitary Drainage.

    c)  Rainwater.

    d) Irrigation.

    e) Fuel Oil System​.

Multidiscipline Architectural Works

   1) Interior Fit out of the Doha Metro stations.

    2) Provision of Public Entrances.

    3) Elevated Station shelters including structure and envelope.

    4) Landscaping.