The Prequalification Process in general starts with the release by Qatar Railways of a request for Expression of Interest (EOI) or Prequalification Questionnaire (PQ)  to the business community. This is advertised in the Local Press and on Qatar Railways website.


Date Prequalification Title
22 May 2017 Prequalification for the Qatar Rail Customer Services Tender
29 Mar 2016 Qatar Rail Operations & Maintenance.
14 Jan 2016 Invitation to Qatari companies to participate in the Qatar Rail Facilities Management (FM) Prequalification Processes
15 Dec 2015 Doha Metro Railway Operator Prequalification
15 Dec 2015 Lusail Tram Railway Operator Prequalification
22 Nov 2015 Qatar Rail invites Architectural Subcontractors to participate in a new Prequalification process for Architectural Finishes, Envelope and Façades and Hard and Soft Landscaping.
12 Aug 2015 Major Multidiscipline Architectural Subcontractors Prequalification Process Update
28 Jul 2015 Qatar Rail Design and Build for Long Distance Phase 1 Railway Infrastructure and Systems Integration Prequalification Process
14 May 2015 Prequalification for the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram Railway Operators and Facilities Management
22 Mar 2015 Qatar Rail Long Distance Freight and Passenger Railway Project (Phase-1) Prequalification Application for Civil Works